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Sam and Sarah dance
under Brooklyn Bridge

"DUMPED" tells the story of Sam Greenfield, a thirty-something writer, who's just been dumped by Sarah, the woman he thought he'd be with forever. While everyone he knows is getting married and having kids, Sam finds himself alone, unemployed, creatively barren and unable to think about anything but Sarah, who refuses to see him. As a result, Sam spends much of his time dreaming and fantasizing about Sarah as he attempts to gain understanding of his misfortune and avoid the nauseatingly happy world that surrounds him. "DUMPED!" uses catchy tunes and rousing dance numbers to reveal the lunacy that people go through when getting dumped. In You and I, Sam sings a sweet love song to Sarah only to have Sarah break up with him in the second verse. The song ends with Sam and Sarah dancing together as Sam cries hysterically, determined to finish the number but unable to control his emotions. In a flashback to their first date, Sam and Sarah dance around a restaurant singing Chicken Fingers, a song celebrating their mutual love of that dish and their newfound love for each other. In The Home of Happy Couples Sam's brother, his roommates and their girlfriends sing and dance around the apartment about their home of happy couples, while making brunch as Sam looks on depressed and lonely. With the help of his friends, family and a few wise nine-year-olds, Sam begins to realize that while he's been stuck in a rut and got kicked in the nuts, deep down he's a stud, who's climbing out of the mud to face a brand new day. With a bright new outlook on life, Sam begins the struggle of trying to write a movie about his experience. After a dream in which he shows up at a party of Sarah's family wearing nothing but red panties, but is nevertheless showered with love and praise by the family, Sam finds the inspiration to finish the script. Eventually (because it's a musical comedy), Sam even ends up finding love.

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